Lynkfire is a link in bio tool, using images as a medium for creators to express the context of their work visually.

We are a team of passionate individuals for art, branding, and customization. Aside from coding, we also enjoy creating artwork and designs; and this is where it all started. We understand how important for creators to present themselves with their style and branding, but most of the tools available at that time are not giving us this freedom and so we build Lynkfire.

We build the Lynkfire platform with one main goal.

Give the creators more creative power for their landing page.

Today, Lynkfire is actively growing everyday with supporters, and backers from our community. We're so humbled for the opportunity to be able to serve the creative industry.

A big shoutout to the NFT community! The space have given us the oppurtunity and trust that makes us what we are today.

Thank you to all since day 1. Let's go!