Basic & Pro Accounts Features

Got to BASIC   PRO


Unlimited Links
Multiple links

Resizable Tiles
Multiple tile sizes (small, medium, large to x-large)

Custom Link's image
Upload and attached image to links

Profile Avatar
Upload custom avatar

Page Cover
Upload custom cover image

Page Background
Upload custom background image

Multiple Image Types Support
Supports GIF, PNG, and JPG image file types

Titles and Descriptions
Add titles and descriptions to links

Youtube Video Embed
Youtube videos and popup views

Link Box Animation
Multiple box animation available

Simple Analytics
20 days analytics. Daily and overall count

Scheduled links
Set schedules to your links to go public

Call-To-Action Popups
Set links as popup call-to-action screen

Bio and Tags
Share a short bio about yourself for fans/supporter to get to know you real quick.

Stage - custom landing page
(1) Single stage page

Got to BASIC   PRO


* Support us on patreon and unlock all PRO features

* Includes all basic features

Stage - custom landing page
Unlimited stage pages

More Box Sizes
Box size 1x2, 2x2, 3x2, 4x2

Logo and Favicon
Add custom logo and favicon for your branding

Meta Tags (SEO)
Add your custom meta tags like (title, descriptions)